BPS could be as risky as BPA BPAとBPSっていったい何? 危険なもの?

Featured imageBPA and BPS :

What are they and how can they harm you?

Check your water bottles: what do they say? BPA free? Recent studies shows that BPS, the material that is “BPA free”, is actually as harmful as BPA using substances. BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is the basic building block of many plastic bottles and other products. Scientists found out that BPA products had bad effects such as obesity, heart disease, cancers, nerve problems and asthma. BPA is also known as an endocrine disruptor. (The endocrine system relies on hormones to tell cells when to turn on and do their thing). Endocrine disruptors, such as BPA, can mimic a hormone, disturbing the endocrine system. After the ban of BPA’s use of baby bottles in 2012, many nations around the world replaced BPA with BPS, or bisphenol S. However, recent research says that BPS is potentially just as dangerous. Scientists are still trying to find out if BPS has the same health effects as BPA.


BPAとBPSっていったい何? 危険なもの?



おそらく最近の水筒はBPA freeになっていると思います。BPAとは、ビスフェノールAと呼ばれる化学物質のことで、多くのプラスチック製品に使用されてきました。しかし、この便利な物質が肥満、心臓病、ガン、神経病、喘息といったような健康に害をもたらすということが判明しました。また、内分泌系にも悪影響を表すことがわかりました。2012年には、多くの先進国で使用が禁止されました。このBPAに取って替ったのが、BPS(ビスフェノールS)です。しかし、最近の研究によると、このBPSの安全性も疑われるようになり、早期の解明が進んでいます。


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