Heinrich Schliemann-archeaologist

Heinrich Schliemann

How did archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann learn 7 languages?Featured image


Heinrich Schliemann is a famous archaeologist that discovered Troy. Schliemann was born in Germany in 1822. His parents gave him books that inspired him of Troy; making him want to become an archaeologist. Unfortunately, with the death of his mother and the father’s embezzlement from the local church, he was forced to work at the age of 14 as a ship crew-worker. When his ship was shipwrecked into Holland, he decided to stay and work as a postman. During his work there, he started to learn languages. Schliemann mastered 6 languages in only 6 months! How?

  • Read out loud every day for 1 hour
  • Never translate between two languages
  • Write small paragraphs about your interests
  • Ask a native speaker to proofread.
  • Then learn whatever you wrote by heart.

One thought on “Heinrich Schliemann-archeaologist

  1. シュリーマンが7ヶ国語も話してたなんてしらなかったです。語学の勉強法、参考になりました。音読が決めてですか。訳さないかあ。作文。暗記。怠けのもの意識を律していきます。

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