Alzheimer’s disease- an incurable disorder

Alzheimer’s disease or, senile dementia, is an illness that destroys memory and many other functional parts of the brain. There are over 44 million people in the world that are living with this heartbreaking disease. As Alzheimer’s disease develops in the brain, the brain cells die and the cortex, which is a part of the brain that is mostly associated with memory.

Recent research says that genetics is one idea of the disease. Inheritance of a varition of the apolipoprotein E gene or apoE-4 is also known as a major risk factor in the disease. However, genetic factors are not the only problem. Environmental factors such as toxins and others can be an obstacle too.Treatments of the progressive Alzheimer’s disease still do not exist. Please help donate at

Featured image
This is the part of the brain that is thinned during the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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Featured image
Compare and contrast of the brains

2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s disease- an incurable disorder

  1. That’s so sad, how so many people have this disease and it’s still incurable. I hope they find a cure really soon!

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