Jackie Speier -Congresswoman panel/talk (Alzheimer’s disease)

From Left to Right: Ruth Gay, Cynthia Ortiz Guzman, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Dr. Elizabeth Landsverk, Dr. Michael Geicius

Today, I went to see a panel about Alzheimer’s given by four panelists at the San Mateo City Hall.  Alzheimer’s is a big health issue around the world today. Cynthia Ortiz Guzman, LVN, RT, was a nurse and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 63. She talked about her life as living with Alzheimer’s. Michael Greicius, MD, MPH is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr.Greicius talked about what causes Alzheimer’s and many more facts about it. Elizabeth Landsverk, MD, has founded ElderConsult to address the challenging medical and social issues often facing older patients and their families. Dr.Landsverk talked about the symptoms and causes of Alzheimer’s. Ruth Gay, who is the director of Public policy and Advocacy, of the Alzheimer’s Association talked about how to alleviate the stresses of being an Alzheimer’s patient and find ways to communicate to the world about that.

Dr.Greicius from the Stanford University School of Medicine said that a reason why Alzheimer’s affect women twice as much as men is because estrogen, which is the women hormone, when displaced and lessened can lead to Alzheimer’s. Men have less of this hormone, instead they have more testosterone.  Dr.Greicius also stated that even though Stanford has found over 150 cures for Mouzheimer, (or Mouse Alzheimer) they have still not found the cure for humans. A problem with finding a cure for Alzheimer’s is that for the money the ratio that is used is for every 27000 dollars used in Alzheimer’s donations only $100 goes to research; the rest goes to the care for a person living with the diagnoses says Ruth Gay from the Alzheimer’s Association. Dr.Landesverk constantly stated that Tylenol®, if you are elderly, it can be a risk for Alzheimer’s. Finally, Cynthia Guzman, remarked that you have to accept your illness and respect who you are. Mrs.Guzman accepted herself and her supporters accepted her so she could live her rest of her life happily.

* phrases in italics are derived from Jackie Speier’s website.

Here is the video of the panel discussion:

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  1. 女性に多いのは、女性が長生きだからじゃなかったんですね。

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