Tech Challenge

Every Sunday, I carpool with my friend to San Jose. Why? We participate in a group competition called the Tech Challenge. Every year, the Tech Museum in San Jose sponsors the Tech Challenge so that small groups of children and teens can compete in solving a problem. This year’s challenge is to build an earthquake-resistant building.

In our group we have six girls and most of us come to every meeting. Today, we finished building up our structure and started building additional parts with our mentor’s own 3D printer MakerBot®. We got to program the building of the materials by ourselves. In our building, we are planning to have an elevator so I made the Elevator clasps.

The day of the challenge is approaching fast, but we are close to done. I hope that our W.O.W team does well!!

Here is the way to use a MakerBot 3Dprinter

1.Design whatever you want to build in a given app, for example OpenSCAD or QCAD.

2. After you finish, save your design on an SD card(you may need to use a separate reader)

3. Eject the SD card and put it into the MakerBot slot. The reader has translated the program so that the Maker bot can read it.

4. The MakerBot will now complete the task for you.

5. When the product is finished, the MakerBot will beep to tell you it is done. To get the plastic surface out press gently on buttons on surface and gingerly take the surface out of the robot. Use the scraping tool to scrape off the product which remains stuck to the plastic.

6.You are DONE!

Featured image
The Elevator Clasp replica
Featured image
The MakerBot or as we call it the W.O.W. bot

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