Woman hormone- estrogen

The female hormone estrogen is important for survival. One way the body uses estrogen, is by protecting the neurons,which send messages to the brain. Estrogen is produced a lot in females, until around the age of 50. By the time a woman stops menstruating (around the age of 50), much of the estrogen is gone and there is only a little protection for the neuron.  Instead of estrogen comes amyloid Beta ,which creates plaques between brain cells. This allows the neurons to slowly die, leading to memory loss or even dementia or Alzheimer’s. However, scientists are still not sure if the amyloid Beta causes Alzheimer’s disease or not.

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One thought on “Woman hormone- estrogen

  1. βアミロイドは、悪い物質なんですね。睡眠中に脳がβアミロイドをお掃除してくると何かで読みました。快眠はほんと大切ですね。

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