Who is the culprit? It’s Beta amyloid.

APP: A gene for Alzheimer’s

APP (amyloid precursor protein), a gene, is found in chromosome-21. Everyone possesses this gene in their DNA. APP is at first a benign protein that benefits the body. However, when beta or gamma secretase (enzyme) approaches and cuts the APP, the shorter part becomes a malign protein called beta-amyloid (when 40 or more of beta amyloid is accumulated). Beta-amyloid can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Research shows that a sleep period can clean up the harmful beta-amyloid out of the brain. Also eating foods containing acetylcholine can overcome beta-amyloid plaques.

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It is healthy for your brain to eat high choline foods like brussel sproutsFeatured image

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Side Note: There is another gene called apoe4 which will appear on the next post. 


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