Yoga- quadriceps

At the last yoga class, we stretched our quadriceps muscle, which forms the front of our thigh. Quadriceps is derived from the Latin word meaning “4-headed“. There are 3 main parts in the quadriceps: the rectus femoris (front), the vastus intermedius (middle), vastus medialis oblique and vastus lateralis (back). In yoga, quadriceps are commonly used in backbends and lunges. Specifically, in the pose Utthita Trikonasona, or more commonly known as Triangle pose, the quadriceps contract, flexing the hip, and extending the knee. The quadriceps are one of the key muscles in yoga and for any sport, so stretching them is vital to prevent injuries. Stretching them daily can benefit your body.

The yoga class I go to:

Featured image
Where the quadriceps are located
Featured image
Steps to the triangle pose
Featured image
VMO is vastus medialis oblique which is part of the quadriceps

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