Your finger can tell you who you are

Research says that when a child is in his or hers mother’s womb, more of a hormone, either estrogen(female) or testosterone(male) can affect the finger length of the baby. The difference of the finger length is only in the index(second) and ring(fourth) finger because there are more estrogen receptors in the index finger than the ring finger and more testosterone receptors in the fourth finger than index finger. The more estrogen you have the longer your index finger is than your fourth finger and the more testosterone you have the longer your fourth finger is than your index finger. Other research says that is the fourth finger is longer, you can be more aggressive, perform better on the math section than the verbal section on the SAT, have a more math-science oriented brain, and get a risk for diseases.(your brain is more male-like) If your index finger is longer, you perform better on the verbal section than the math section on the SAT, you have a language-arts oriented brain, and can also get a risk for other diseases.(your brain is more female-like)

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My hand: the fourth finger is longer than the second finger. Even though I am female my brain is more male-like.

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7 thoughts on “Your finger can tell you who you are

  1. エリカ、すごく薬指が長いね!

  2. That’s really cool! I’m the same as you, my fourth finger is longer than my index but I’m female. Do you know why one finger has more estrogen/testosterone receptors than another? Also, are the thumb, middle finger, and little finger related to this at all?

  3. 理系になるか文系になるかは、実はお母さんのお腹の中にいた時に統計的にはほぼ決定してしまうのね。それじゃあ、妊婦は理系の男性脳が欲しい時は、テストステロンがでるようにプロテインを食べるといいのかな。

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