Astronomy Night

On Friday night, Mr. Tim Patterson(Mr.P), a science teacher at my school hosted a 6th grade astronomy night, during which we had the opportunity to look at  celestial objects in the sky. 

First, as people settled down, Mr.P gave a presentation on the general background of past astronomical discoveries, new advances, and what we were going to see that night. After that, we went over to the open field to see the scintillating planets, stars and many more take their place in the sky. Luckily, it was a clear night and we could see many stars and planets light years away. The most breathtaking part was seeing Jupiter and its moons through a cannon-sized telescope that was so tall that we all had to climb a ladder to reach the eyepiece on the telescope. We could even see the faint stripes of the planet. I also think I saw the Red Spot on Jupiter’s surface. 2 seniors from the school(George Hulsey and Jack Davidson) had been helping adjusting the telescopes so that we could see the celestial bodies clearly. These two were also taking pictures of Messier Objects, and other astronomical objects with a motor-generated telescope.

Here are some examples:

Featured image
This one is called M13 or the Hercules Global Cluster. Credit: George Hulsey
Featured image
This one is called Messier104 or the “Sombrero Galaxy”. Credit :George Hulsey.

One thought on “Astronomy Night

  1. 今週末に、星の観測へ行きます。

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