Tech Challenge Competition

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Our building(part of it)

As some of you may know, I am part of a Tech Challenge team. The Tech Challenge is a competition in the Silicon Valley and is sponsored by the Tech Museum. Today, was the real Tech Challenge Competition. Our building, all spray painted pink, was ready for the Challenge. The structure had been tested many times and we were pretty confident that it will succeed.  All of us were excited and nervous at the same time. First, we talked to 3 judges who did a Q&A session with our team to ask us questions about the aspects of our team and building. We also handed in and explained our engineering journal, which was a binder with notes that people took every meeting, material receipts, pictures, and sample pieces/ideas that were used in our building. Our team also created a PowerPoint to show the judges an overview of our structure.

After a long wait in a line, we finally had a chance to test our building. I, the safety officer, made sure that everyone had their paraphernalia on and that our building was safe. We had 3 trials, a 3inch, 6inch, and 9inch earthquake. Our building survived the 3inch and 6inch earthquake, but sadly, could not withstand the 9inch earthquake. This is because, our dampers in the damper system was not attached properly after the two earthquakes and one side went too far off.

Sadly, we could not win any prize but I learned a lot from this Tech Challenge and I am happy to be a part of this team. For example, I learned how to program in 2 programs, OpenSCAD and QCAD. I also learned about many different strong materials and how to cooperate with a team of new friends.

Thank you so much to our mentor Dr.Andreas Nowatzyk and our organizer Ms. Pinli Tang.

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