Squid Dissection

In 1963, Sir Alan Hodgkin and Sir Andrew Huxley of England won the Noble Prize for discovering the mechanics of nerve impulse transmission using a squid’s giant axon. Today, I did a mini-version of their experiment and dissected a squid as well.

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In the first part, I cut the front mantle in half with scissors with one straight cut. This enabled me to see the inside of the squid.
Featured image
This is what it looked like when I cut the mantle up in half.
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This is where I discover the squid’s brain. I am not sure what the white string I am pulling out is but I think it is wither the giant axon or the esophagus.
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This is the squid brain and eyes close up.
Featured image
These are all parts I dissected on the squid. I hope there are right!
The Squid’s giant axon under a microscope (dyed blue).

3 thoughts on “Squid Dissection

  1. 綺麗に分けられるんだね。

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