Oxytocin-hormone and neurotransmitter

Quick Definition: Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone, and is produced in pair-bonding. It is also known as the “love hormone”.

The saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” has been proved to be true, recent science research shows.

First, researches at Azabu Univeristy in Japan had dog owners gaze into their pet’s eyes for 30 minutes straight and they recorded everything that happened. After that, they measured the urine of the human’s and dog’s for the levels of oxytocin. The researches found out that both in the human and in the pet, oxytocin levels rose.  The eye-to-eye contact between the two species had increased levels of this “love hormone” (In the past, this connection has also been shown between a mother and her infant baby). The researchers also found out that female dogs and their owners had more oxytocin levels than male dogs. This might be because female dogs are more sensitive to this hormone.

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Dogs have been known as “a man’s best friend”. Eye contact with dogs can boost oxytocin levels in the brain. This famous dog, Boo, lives close to my house.

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