Fingerprinting(Forensics 2)

Today in the Forensics class we did fingerprinting.

There are 3 main types of fingerprints: loop,whorl, and arch. The loop fingerprint is the most common with 60% of the world population, the whorl fingerprint with 35% of the population, and the arch fingerprint with only 5%of the population to have this print. There is also composite fingerprints, but that is just the combinations of some of the three. Can you tell what fingerprint is yours?

Featured image
Can you tell which type of fingerprint you have?

Facts about fingerprints

-Fingerprints develop when we are about 10 weeks old in the uterus(womb).

-Everyone in this world has their own unique fingerprint even identical twins.

-Fingerprints can not be erased or changed. Even if you try to burn it, it will always grow back the same. Scary,right?

-Early humans did not have fingerprints and with natural selection the fingerprints evolved so that people could eat, grab food, drink, and many other activities.

In my class today, we used special fingerprinting ink so that we could see the type of fingerprints we had more clearly.

Featured image
The smaller ink pad is the special fingerprinting ink while the larger one is the one which you would use for a stamp.

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