Lingustical Brains

Yesterday, I was at the Foster City Library at an event called the FMS MultiLingual Resource Fair (MLRF) . Why was I there? Because I was reading a short story in French (Lise et Bébélune translated from Eliza and the Moonchild) to a group of people.

As some of you may know, I have the chance to speak 3 languages: Japanese, English, and French (thanks mom and dad!). Research shows that being bilingual, trilingual, or knowing even more languages is great for your brain.

Joanna Reneteria, a journalist says “Besides the fact that we have the ability to speak, write, and/or read in more than one language, bilingual/trilingual’s have been proven to be “smarter” and have a higher resistant to Alzheimer’s disease.

In an article “10 proven Brain Benefits of Being Bilingual” some staff members from list these benefits:

  1. Staves off Dementia
  2. Improved Cognitive Skills
  3. Heightened Creativity
  4. Easier time focusing on tasks
  5. Greater control over literacy skills
  6. Heightened environmental awareness
  7. Easier time switching between tasks
  8. Denser grey matter
  9. Faster response time
  10. Higher scores on intelligence tests

So start learning a new language now and have fun with it!

Featured image
Look at the big difference between the 2 brains!

Featured image


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