Yoga mats (What is the best yoga mat for you?)

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Today I went to my Yoga class at Nandi. Here are some yoga mats that can be suitable for your body:

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This is my mom’s yoga mat. It is from an eco-friendly brand called Jade-Yoga. This brand is expensive (about $70-80) but it sticks to the floor and is very stable. This yoga mat also lasts longer than cheaper ones. Jade mats are made with natural rubber from the Far East and Western technology. Natural rubber’s superior slip resistance properties ensure a solid grip on the floor every time, and provides compression set resistance and cushioning, resulting in a solid comfort and performance for yoga. The natural rubber used to create Jade mats is a renewable resource containing no PVC or ozone depleting substances. And for every Jade mat you buy, you plant a tree.
This is my yoga mat. The brand is Gaiam and it has many different products just for yoga. It is light, so it is easier to carry. You have a choice of a design, like mine above. It is also cheaper than other yoga mats. This mat is also the best for beginner’s and people new to yoga.

When doing yoga, finding the best mat is imperative for you. Here are a couple links that can be used to find the best fit for you.

Enough with the mats, today, at the beginning of the class, we sang a 5,000-year old Ayurvedic chant with my teacher’s organ.

This is the chant:


It means “Om. Let us meditate upon the light of that adorable Sun (underlying Intelligence). May it awaken our spiritual perception and understanding on all the planes, physical, vital, mental and beyond.”

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My teacher’s organ.

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