Hair Identification (Forensics 4)

In Forensic Science, hairs are very important to identify a suspect. In brief, each hair is composed of 3 distinct layers: the cuticle, cortex, and the medulla. The cuticle is the hard covering that protects the inner layers of your hair. It is made from scales that overlap each other. The cortex makes up 75-90% of the human hair  The cortex contains cells that give the hair color. The medulla is the innermost layer of the hair. It can be either interrupted, fragmented, or absent.

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Forensic scientists first determine if the hair was either one of a human or of an animal. If it is human, they match it with one of a suspects. They use microscopes so that the hairs could be seen side by side. If it is an animal, they will do the same act. Forensic Scientists find out what type of crime was taken out by looking at what type of hair was found. Scientists can also generally find out what race a person is by the type of their hair.

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