Senior Projects

At my school, the Seniors(12th graders) did special projects for the month of May. They were allowed to pick any topic they wanted. From Electroencephalography to apparel design to aerodynamics, the projects were of full range. I was really impressed, especially because these seniors could only take one month to complete this task. One of my favorite senior project was called Dynamics of the Reading Brain. The project was about reading, which parts of the brain affect it, neuroscientists who have done research on this topic, and future remarks such as how to improve reading skills. Our sense of reading evolved over time when our ancestors developed new languages. New neurons for reading started to fire and eventually became wired into everyone, which are synapses. This project was done by Alex Buckley. Great Job!

This is my school’s Mansion nook.

I would like to congratulate the Seniors one more time for their wonderful projects and graduating as the Class of 2015.


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