Learn-to-Solder Kit

Today, I completed a Learn-to-Solder Kit of how to make a Flashing European Siren (I must admit I did not know there was such as thing as a European Siren). This kit is great for kids (or adults) that have little to no experience soldering. I have soldered a few kits in the past but I still have much to learn. Let’s take a closer look:

This is the front side of the kit. It says not for kids younger than 12 (thankfully, I just turned 12!) This is because with the soldering iron it is very easy to burn yourself. I slightly burned myself 3 times with it during this project.
These are all the parts in the kit. The kit also come with soldering iron, solder, wire cutters and the instructions (not pictured). I used my family’s own soldering iron midway because I started burning myself with the one that came with the kit.










It took me a little over 2 hours to complete this project. What I really took out from this project is just try your best and it works! At first, I was really worried because one of the capacitors might have been loose and I might have not followed the instruction guide correctly. I was a bit surprised that the circuit worked as soon as I attached the battery to the circuit. If you decide to do this project, I recommend that you follow the instructions carefully… and believe in yourself!

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image


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