Cooking Oil Project

Hello readers,

I am starting a project on recycling cooking oil.  When my mom cooks with cooking oil, she fills a whole entire 1L bottle with used cooking oil. After a few months, we go to an environmental center and dump all of the used cooking oil in this big 1,000 ton bin. It’s smelly, gross, and dangerous because cooking oil is very flammable.

Most people and businesses don’t have the time to go to an environmental center so when they have used cooking oil, they dump it into their drain. This is really bad for the environment because it clogs all the drains up which leads to water pollution. Luckily, the water treatment system filters the fats, oils, and greases when wastewater reaches the treatment plant. However, the system is only a start and hasn’t been completely flitering all of the water.

My local city and other cities have been working hard to actively go out and inspect restaurants and businesses that they think might be illegally sending oils to sewer systems, to make sure that they aren’t sending/flushing oils their way without permission.  This encourages restaurants to send their oils to a recycling company or to someone who can use it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. Thank you so much to Mr.Jonathan Strange from the Public Works Department for informing more about the city’s plans to save the earth.


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