Neuroscience for Dummies(Intro)

Hello Everyone! For Christmas, I got a book called Neuroscience for Dummies®,  from the series “insert topic here for Dummies“. I love this series because, not only does it make me feel like a dummy, it helps to learn a new topic that you are interested in. Their slogan is “Making Everything Easier!“.

People think neuroscience is hard, and I agree with them. I mean for the nervous system to do what it needs to do, it takes 100 billion neurons and a quadrillion connections,synapses, that have evolved on a span of over billions of years. Each second, new connections between neurons form.

The author of this book, Professor Frank Amthor(Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham), says that there are 3 things to understand how the nervous system works.

  1. How neurons work
  2. How neurons talk to each other in neural circuits
  3. How neural circuits from a particular set of functional “modules” in the brain.

The connections and modules you have are what make you, you.


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