A Simple Design to Save Lives(#2)

Along with Neville Williams, the founder of Solar Electric Light Fund(SELF), H.Harish Hande created SELCO India , the first rural-based company in India that focuses on helping the country’s poor afford sustainable energy. Over the last 11 years, the company has concentrated on installing solar lighting systems for over half-million people. From the start of the company, SELCO India has been creating solutions that supply the needs of users, of which mostly are small businesses like street vendors or rural households.

This solar energy will be useful for people-all people not just those in India. When Mr.Hande went to India for his research on his project, he saw a woman cooking in her house with no windows and smoke from the kerosene light was everywhere. This smoke is the equivalent of 2 full packs of cigarettes on a daily basis. With the help of this invention, lives can be saved. Though solar panels are efficient and high-tech, they are highly expensive. Fortunately, SELCO India has had foundations that have supplied 10 million dollars to afford the high price. The solar panels will really save lives.




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