A Simple Way to Save Lives(#3)

Transportation of water is an onerous and dangerous task. Water borne diseases, like cholera or Hepatitis A, can be fatal to humans, especially those in third-world developing countries. A new invention called the Q-drum is helping these countries like Africa or Mexico get their water efficiently and safely. The Q-drum is a donut shaped container that can hold up to 50 liters of water. It was invented by Piet Hendrikse and his brother for developing countries where access to clean water is far away.

The Q-drum is a great invention because it can help people save their time and have low-risks of death.  Even so, the drums are expensive, costing about 950 Rands or 60 U.S dollars. This is because the drums have to be sturdy so that the water does not leak. My physics teacher at school, Mr.Woosnam, told me that the biggest problem of the Q-drum would be overcoming friction to get the drum rolling. However, once the drum starts it will keep on going unless friction stops it.  To keep the drum moving, the person only has to fight the force of friction, which is much less than the weight.Despite these challenges, I think that the Q-Drum is an important invention in our future.

To help the beneficiaries in this project you can donate here.



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