World Water Day

World Water Day is annually held on March 22. The purpose of this day is to celebrate what is in everything we do. Water. It makes you coffee, brushes your teeth, refreshes your body after a workout. Most importantly though, it is used for cleanliness, health, infrastructure, and to maintain life. Water is life, it is what keeps us alive. Water is also used as a way to keep life worth living. World Water Day is an international holiday to celebrate fresh and clean water.

World Water Day is supported by an organization called The cofounders of,Matt Damon and Gary White, are determined to solve the water crisis during this generation.


For over 663 million people in the world, lack of clean water causes diseases, mental and physical hardships, and even death. About 4,000 kids die every day because of the lack of healthy water. Parasites like worms and leeches and water borne diseases like cholera and Hepatits A can cause sickness and fatal consequences.

Kids in countries where lack of water is high, have to trek many miles a day to get water instead of going to school to learn. Women walk with many pounds of bottles on their back painstakingly working in the hot, torrid sun. Please help and donate at to help solve the global water crisis.



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