From poop and pee to energy?

On average, people flush the toilet handle 5 times day. In developing countries, that might be a pit, a tube or whatever. With currently more than 7.4 billion people in this world, that is a lot of human waste. If the waste isn’t treated properly, it can lead to disease, bacterial infections, and sometimes even death.

GENeco is working to help solve this problem. For example, the GENeco Bio bus in Bristol, England runs on biomethane which is made out of sewage flow and food waste. After household waste is transferred to the urinal center, it is processed by anaerobic digestion. This provides heat energy. All of this heat can supply energy for 8,300 homes A DAY. It can also provide energy for vehicles like the Bio bus.

This is really important for our future, because with the help of this invention, the energy crisis can be solved by a lot. The human waste that has been contaminating our planet’s waters will now be used to provide a safe and reliable source of energy for everyone, everywhere.


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