Clean Water Project

Today I decided to open up a clean water science project kit. This kit is from the 4M toysmith chain. I completed the first experiment today.

First, I filled four different containers with gravel, sand, active carbon, and filter paper. Each one had a plug at the bottom so that the materials would not all leak out. Starting from the gravel to sand to active carbon to filter paper, I attached them together to make a long column. In the bottom was the glass where all the clean water will trickle Second, I made the artificial “dirty” water(soil, water, and a bit of oil) and poured it into the structure. Although it took some time, eventually the dirty yucky water turned into a clean fresh source. I decided not to drink any of it.. just in case.

How it works

Each of the four different sections help purify the water at every step. They help remove particles of different sizes. First the gravel and the sand trap bigger particles in the water. Second, the carbon pieces(active carbon) make chemical in water cling on to its surface so they are also removed from the water. Oil filters especially well in active carbon. This column is similar to the ones used in water purification plants. This process is called adsorption. Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from either one of the four states of matter(not including plasma).

I really enjoyed using this kit for testing the safety of our drinking water. In the future, I hope to use a similar sort of chemistry to help solve the water crisis.



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