Laser Cutting @Tech Shop

Today, I took a laser cutting lesson with my parents at a Tech Shop nearby. We learned how to use the laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine is enormous! There is a computer connected to each machine. On the computer, you design your art that you want to etch. After you send it to the machine, press a couple of buttons and your set….

Actually, no. There is a much more complicated process to the laser cutting machine. You have to find the precise location in the three degrees of plane(x,y,z) or else your art will appear in the place you don’t want it to be. This is why you need at least two hours of lesson. I still need a lot of practice!!

In the lesson, we first all made a design on the dog tag.

This is my mom’s. It is waretadataruwoshiru or 吾唯足るを知る.
This is my dad’s.


This is mine.

Since I laser cutted first, the instructor allowed me to use another machine with another student. This was great because I was able to even cut out my own piece(without using a template).


This memorabilia is made out of waste blue acrylic. I got help from an other student for the design art. Many thanks to him! Instead of using the template, we had to actually cut out the acrylic piece from the waste. This is called the vector cut. The vector cut was the coolest because you could see the real laser flame cut through the acrylic.


I really enjoyed this class and hope to explore more in the field of laser cutting.


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