Building an Arduino@Tech Shop

On Thursday, from 7 to 10pm I was at the TechShop. Again! And it was a school night! I feel like TechShop is my second home…..

This class’s purpose was to learn about all the parts of the Arduino and solder them together.This class started its base with the Educato which is about 2 by 3 inches. We first started with the resistors(7). Resistors are used to reduce the current flow. It limits the electrons that pass through a circuit. We went through each piece one by one. Each piece had its own special criterion. It had to be oriented in one way or the whole system would fail. For example, since the LED is polarized, it has to be installed with the long leg in the positive orientation. The easiest but most tedious piece for me was the microprocessor because the solder would cover the golden pad quickly and effectively,since it was in the shape of an oval.

While I was cleaning the tip of my soldering iron, I accidentally burned myself on my second finger. It hurt so much, but now it is slowly getting better. From now on, I will try to be more careful when handling the soldering iron.

Me soldering my Arduino


Partially done Arduino Educato
The scar left on my finger:(

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