Making Glass Beads @Tech Shop

Where was I this weekend? You guessed it….Tech Shop!!!!

Today, I took a class on making a glass bead with a flame torch. It was just my parents and I, so we had a fairly small class. The class was roughly 2 hours and 3o minutes long.

Even though it was a hot and humid summer day, it was mandatory to wear long sleeves and long pants because flying,flaming glass and bare skin…….no.

The class had a lot of necessary materials like the propane tank, glass rods, tweezers, irons, mandrels and many other devices.

To actually make the glass bead was a really long process. First, we had to set everything up: the propane tank, the HotHead Torch(where the flame comes from), the metal setting plate. Then, we had to melt and pull stringers out off the glass. Lastly, we did our primary base color and melted onto a metal rod, that needs 2 hours to cool down.

This class was very interesting, but the entire process was very tedious. It took nearly 2 hours and a half to make a single glass bead!! It was a great experience, but I don’t think that I will spend my Saturday afternoon doing that again.


Featured image is similar to what I did today.


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