Make Electronics:Part 1

Today, I decided to start working on experiments on my Make: Electronics book. My dad had bought the kit for the experiments (1-11) and an Extech EX330 multimeter for my birthday.

Level of difficulty:     * :Easy, **:Medium, ***:Hard, ****:Extreme

Experiment #1 Taste the POWER! (*): 2 materials (9 volt battery (1), multimeter (1))

WARNING: Do not try it with a higher voltage. If you have braces, be careful not to touch them with the battery.

Moisten your tongue. Touch the tips of the metals terminals to the tip of your tongue. You will most likely feel a tingle. If you dry your tongue, then you will feel less of a tingle.

With the multimeter, you can measure the distance with ohms (electrical resistance). Put the probes on the tip of your tongue, and slowly spread them farther apart. You will see that the number of ohms will slowly descend. Again, if you dry your tongue, the electrical resistance decreases. This is because electrons flow more easily through moist substances that through dry substances.



One thought on “Make Electronics:Part 1

  1. I was young and did the same test with a battery 9V 6LR61, really bad feelings in the tongue for few minutes ^^. Science needs to have result by anyway, but do not try with battery full 😉

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