Working with Addressable LEDS

Yesterday, I got a little a bit excited over my book cover. However, this 3rd class I took, working with addressable LEDs was also fun overall. It was a really hands-on class and towards the middle I started falling behind because I wasn’t able to solder and crimp succesfully.

The main difference between addressable LEDS and normal LEDS is that addressable LEDS have 4 prongs while normal LEDS only have 2 prongs. Each addressable LEDs can also shine different colors but normal LEDS can only shine its own color.

In this class we received an LED strip which contained 20 addressable LEDs. We soldered the ground, 5V, and DIN wires onto the LED Strip (this time I didn’t burn myself:) ). After that we used the wire crimpers to crimp each crimp connector to the wire. This process was repeated 2 times, for the “female” and “male” parts. Then,  After many tries of fixing my strip, it finally lit up.

I liked how the LEDS were addressable so that we could have many different colors shining at once and they had the ability to change in different patterns. However, a problem with this strip is that you would need a computer with an Arduino and an outlet to make it shine.

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