Laser Rotary

Another reason the Tech Shop in San Francisco is awesome is because it has 7 Universal Lasers while my local one has 4 with only one being a Universal. Universal Lasers are more advanced laser and require less machine input than the Epliog Lasers.

Yesterday, I took a class on the Laser Rotary. The Rotary is a machine that can be used to laser etch on 3-D objects (coffee mugs, drinking glasses, vases). The Rotary is a completely different machine from the laser cutter and the laser cutter just clamps on to it. However, the rotary isn’t much interesting; it simply just holds and rotates the object in place.

The Rotary

For my design, I decided that I should etch a bee on my glass. I thought that it would have a nice contrast with the drinking glass. As I watched the laser etch, I saw that the laser dissipated into about 7 different lasers when it hit the glass.

Me drawing a different pattern on Adobe Illustrator

The end result:

The designs are a bee and dragonfly. 


I really enjoy laser cutting/etching and adding another technique to my knowledge was great. Since I made something that is useful in this class, I really enjoyed it. I hope to make more cool prints in the future.

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