3-D printing

Today, I learned how to work with a Series 1 3D printer from Type A Machines.

Though 3-D printing is awesome and can create sturdy parts, it takes a lot of time to print even a small piece. This is because the 3-D printer crosses layers of filaments piece by piece, section by section which makes the parts dense but sturdy.

In the first half of the class, we learned the basics of the printer. This 3-D printer was actually made at Tech Shop and it is Wi-Fi connected (which means that it could connect to any computer in the vicinity).

The 3-D printer running smoothly.
Setting the home of the x,y, and z axes.
The filament extruder

Next, we were allowed to print something of our own. Our intstructor told us to look on ThingiVerse.com, a site where designers upload their creative designs. While browsing through projects, I found an earring design that looked simple yet creative. I chose the most simplest one yet, it took my 10 minutes to print it.

Printing the earring design
In the middle of the print, my design started to move and the filament went crazy.

I restarted a new print and the run went smoothly.

The end result. 

That was the end result. It doesn’t look like an earring and I don’t know hoe to make it function like one.


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