International Yoga Day

Yesterday, June 21st was international yoga day. The United Naions designated this day for the world to celebrate yoga. Coincidentally, it is held on the summer solstice. My mom and I went to a nearby park where Lululemon and a neighboorhood studio partnered to host a free yoga community gathering.

The class that my mom and I took was called a Jivamukti Class. Jivamukti Yoga is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice. It combines a vigorous yoga that has a vinyasa-based physical style. Some of the poses were a little hard because they included headstands etc. In the beginning of the class, the teacher told us to think of someone who is in need. He told us to “devote our practice” to that person. Jivamukti Yoga follows a tenet of devotion, kindness, non-violence, music, and meditation. Our teacher also told us to try each pose because then we experience the pain, the stress in it and destresses the body after.

A couple of stands promoting.



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