MakerBot 3D-printer

At Tech Shop, I took a class on the MakerBot 3D-printer. The MakerBot 3D-printer that Tech Shop has is the newest version, the MakerBot®Replicator 2X. The Replicator 2X has a plastic tube to thread the filament through which alleviates filament jams in the extruder.

The plastic tube

In the class we learned how to import a file from ThingiVerse and download it onto the MakerBot app. Then, we setup the 3-D printer by calibrating all of the points so that the base plate was level.

Though there is a special MakerBot Filament, you can also use regular PLA filament. MakerBot Filament is a little more expensive, but it could be safer for your design to buy a spool of it.

Printing my design

For my design, I chose to print an octupus. Since the octupus has weak and fragile legs, the design didn’t have a raft to keep in place.


The extruder rises as the print finishes
All hail the octupus!

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