Green Lunch

Today, I decided to make my own lunch.

First, I decided to make a potato-chicken-andive salad. I boiled some chicken and shredded it with my hands. After that, I boiled and mashed some potatoes while sprinkling seasoning (salt and pepper). Then, I cut a chive and mixed them all together while adding Sir Kesington’s mustard and Japan’s best selling mayo .

Second, we had bought some fresh pesto at a local market so I decided to make some pasta. I used the Barilla Angel Hair® pasta. Angel Hair is “al dente” (cooked to be firm to the bite) in 4-6 minutes. In Italian it literally means “to the tooth”.

It has a delicate, thin shape.

Third, I washed and cut some lettuce for a simple salad.

Lastly, I washed some blueberries and topped them on top of plain Chobani Greek Yougurt.

Since I made my own lunch, it made it even more delicious tasting.


Have a good day!


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