Making a Circle Skirt@Tech Shop

Today was another long day at Tech Shop. We took a series of classes (all sewing).

For our main (and most tiring) class, making a circle skirt, we had no idea that we were to buy our own materials (fabric, elastic, thread). So before our class, my mom and I went to a San Franciscan fabric store called Britex fabrics.

Britex Fabrics sign on a cloudy,windy San Francsico Day

They have 4 floors full of fabrics, elastics, jewels, threads, and many other materials for clothing-making lovers.

A lot of cotton fabrics
More rows and more rows

However, all the materials there are pretty overpriced. The cheapest fabric I found was $19 per yard (which is the one I bought). I decided on a green butterfly patterned thick fabric.

At Tech Shop, we started by measuring our waist and fabric. This already was a pretty long process, because we had to draw a quarter circle on paper by marking using a straight ruler. Next, we placed the cut piece of paper on top of our fabric and pinned them down so we could cut equally and accurately.

So the hem would not fray, we added some support (white material) on the bottom. While keeping the material on top of the fabric, we sewed using a Janome® sewing machine.IMG_5201

Then, so that we couldn’t see the white support, we had to fold the sewn product and sew again.

After that was the final part: adding the elastic at the waist. This again included sewing the elastic band onto the skirt.

And finished!


The whole process took about 3 and a half hours, which is way too long. I was already tired after class. Have a good night!

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