Zapping Clouds

Climate change is currently one of the biggest issues in this world. It has been threating the precious home we live in. And sadly, we are the ones causing it.

Currently, scientists in Switzerland and Germany are at work trying to create a laser that blasts clouds by shattering ice crystals in them. It kind of sounds like a superpower, right?

They injected water droplets in a chilled chamber. These parameters are similar to those in the Earth’s atmosphere. The scientists then shot short, intense bursts of laser light.

An ultrahot plasma formed in the center of the ice particle, which produced a shock wave that split apart the particle. The excess water vapor left  then condensed and froze into smaller ice particles.

However, critics argue. Bursting cloud ice particles, making more of them, might just warm the Earth up more. Also, to power the laser,  fossil fuels could possible be used which leads to warming. Though an interesting idea, the final product might not actually cool the Earth.

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