Juno reaches Jupiter

We might owe a lot to Jupiter. The biggest planet in the solar system might have hurled the asteroids that delivered the water we have here on Earth.  The Juno spacecraft arrived at the giant planet on July 4th.

The Juno probe gets its name from Jupiter’s wife, a goddess who supposedly peered through a veil of clouds to see her husband.

Juno left Earth on August 5, 2011. That means it took about 5 years for the probe to cover the 2.8 billion kilometers from here to Jupiter. From here on out, Juno will spend 20 months orbiting and observing the planet. If everything goes well, Juno will measure how much water is beneath the clouds. It will also map Jupiter’s interior.


Juno characteristics

  • Powered by 3 solar arrays, Juno can reach speeds up to 165,000 mph.
  • A titanium vault protects Juno’s tools from Jupiter’s radiation belts
  • A radio link responsed to Jupiter’s gravity to releave how mass is spread out throughout the planet

To see pictures, visit this link.




One thought on “Juno reaches Jupiter

  1. Juno has arrived over the red spot of Jupiter ! 12000 km large storm… could be fun to ride through with Millenium Falcon :=)

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