Davidson THINK Summer Institute

Hello All,

I’m sorry for not posting for so long. I was at the University of Reno, Nevada (UNR) taking a 3-week academic boarding summer camp called the Davidson THINK Summer Institute. The camp included taking 2 college classes in the period of 3 weeks. Each class was 3 hours long. The morning class was from 8:30~11:30 and the afternoon class was from 1:30~4:30. The camp was both rigorous but fun at the same time. It was a wonderful opportunity for me.

Morning Class: Computer Science 105

In this class, we covered the basics of computer science and stepped into different topics like programming, engineering, and more. However, the class wasn’t much interesting and the teacher would go on to random tangents that had nothing to do with computer science. My peers and I agreed that this class was impertinent to the topic. Even the homework was completely unrelated. For example, it asked to research about the types of diabetes, Therac-25, and where to buy robots. I, and many others, were upset that we took this class. Though I disliked the class, there was one lab that was engaging and interesting. The lab was to solder (build) a theremin together. The end result was magnificient. It was funny watching people’s reaction to the theremin’s weird sound. I will always remember that lab. Overall, I disliked this class mainly because of the teacher and his teaching style.

Afternoon Class: Life Span Human Development

In this class, we covered the life span of a human, hence the name. We started from conception to death. We read a 700 page textbook from cover to cover. This was a very hard class mainly because we read 60 pages a day filled with complicated terms, vocabulary, and charts we had to memorize. We had a test every week with homework assignments (essays and more that we had to write).

One of the most important things I learned from this class, was that there is no nature vs nurture. Rather, throughout a human’s development both nature and nurture correlate to form a human. Nature are the genes and heredity from your parents. Nurture is the environment you grow up in like your socioeconomic status, the opportunities, and more. This is the biggeset takeback I think that I got from this course.

Though I really enjoyed the course, it was a whole lot of information thrown to us over the past 3 weeks. Each classes 3 hours were filled with lectures and lectures. We didn’t really find anything engaging to the course so processing and remembering information was difficult, especially for me.



Overall, I really enjoyed the program itself. On the weekends, we went to Lake Tahoe, a movie theater, and a local coffee shop. I had a lot of fun making new friends and meeting people with the same interests as me. If the courses are interesting and the timing is right, I will definitely come back. It was a great 3 weeks at THINK and I will miss everyone and everything. This was the best camp I ever took.

Lake Tahoe!


Vanilla Latte from bibo Coffee Shop!

Link to program website.

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