Stick Welding @Tech Shop

Today, I went to Tech Shop San Francisco. We went into the first floor, which is the metal/wood shop of Tech Shop. The instructor brought us inside a special room with red curtains, which are used to shield people’s eyes from the bright glare of the electrode.

First, before we started on the course, we put of all our gear on. The thick and cumbersome jacket, the huge and uncomfortable gloves, and finally the big head helmet. Though all of these gear were dirty and unstylish, safety is first, especially when we deal with fire.

Next, the instructor explained the concept of the machines and the difference between Stick, TIG, and MIG welding. As you can see, the machines looks very complicated, but for Stick welding, the only dials that are necessary are the power and the temperature of the machine’s output.IMG_5436

Then, the instructor showed us how to start an arc, which is what sparks and starts the weld. This is where the helmets came in use, since there were bright glares of light.

The instructor teaching me how to weld…properly.

WARNING: Glare picture coming up. Don’t look too much. 

Me welding a 1/16 thick metal piece. This is how bright the glare is. Don’t look too much-it can blind you!


After this class, I learned that welding is really difficult. Starting the arc is easy but finding the perfect gap distance, timing, angle, and temperature is very difficult. All of the students in the class made a hole through their weld.

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