What sunglasses are really safe?/本当に安全なサングラスって?


Sunglasses may be great fashion accessories, but they are most importantly used in keeping you safe. It is important to keep maintaining good eye health. Sunglasses help prevent cataracts that are affected by ultraviolet (UV) rays.

However, sunglasses “don’t only protect the eye balls but also the skin around the eye”, says Dr.Albert Peng from Trinity Eye Care. The eyelids are the area of your body that is most prone to skin cancers because it is the area where the skin is the thinnest and has the least protection.

So what is the best type of sunglasses?

The cornea phenomenon occurs in sunglasses like the model’s shown above. The phenomenon is where UV rays come from the sides and small refractions of the sun impinges on the cornea, the transparent front part of the eye. Wrap-around sunglasses, like Yoko Ono’s, work best because they block UV rays that peek from the side. Metal rimmed sunglasses are also risky because the UV can reflect off of them and burn the area around your eyes. So plastic or wood would be better

A good pair of sunglasses ranges form $150~$250. UV rays beam down even if it is not sunny, so bring your sunglasses even if the sun isn’t out!

Fun Fact: Snakes that hunt during the day have natural “sunglasses”. Their eyes filter out UV and sharpen vision.





サングラスは、トリニティアイケアのアルバート医師によると” 眼球だけではなく、目の周りのスキンも守ってくれる”そうなのです。









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