Organic Sheet Metal @ Tech Shop

Yesterday, I took an Organic Sheet Metal SBU (Safety and Basic Use) class @Tech Shop. I learned that making things by using the organic sheet metal process takes a lot of effort. The organic sheet metal process includes pounding a hammer against a sandbag (shot bags) repeatedly to make a shape.


Since it was an SBU class, we also learned how to use sheet metal machines like the English wheel, metal shrinker and stretcher, and the planishing hammer.

Metal Shrinker and Stretcher
English Wheel


For the first 30 minutes, the instructor taught us how to use each machine. He then set us off for the rest of the class to work on our own aluminum sheet metal.

I wasn’t so sure what I could make so I decided to randomize by trying out the different machines. At the end of class, this is what I came up with.

I honestly don’t know what it is….

One student made a helmet (which looked like it was part of an armor). It was very smooth and looked like a professional’s.


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