Portland, Oregon Day 1

This weekend, my family and I went to Portland, Oregon for a family reunion with our close family friends who live in Seattle. We hadn’t seen all of them for over 2 years! It was a little bit of a meet-up in the middle type of reunion. Though the reunion was only 2 days, it was very full-packed of activities and adventures.

After arriving at the airport, we went to an Oregon Local Farmer’s Market. The Oregon Farmer’s Market was full of fresh and organic foods from crepes to fruits. My friend and I shared a nutella crepe from C’est Si Bon restaurant, cookies, and blackberries (because we should get something healthy!).

photo 2
C’est Si Bon stand/menu

I really enjoyed this Farmer’s Market because it is full of people with joy and pride in selling their goods.

photo 1
Lobster Mushrooms!

Next, we went to a bistro called Mother’s for a take-out because we were going to watch a public, free display of The 12th Night by William Shakespeare. Since I had eaten so much at the Farmer’s Market, I was a little full so I shared a sandwich with my mom.

By the time we arrived at the William Shakespeare event, it was sweltering hot. I had the bad decision of wearing long sleeves and jeans. The event was located at a park without enough trees to block the sun. The 12th Night act was awesome; they played spontaneously (which is what was supposed to be the traditional Shakespeare). All the actors were male and it was very funny to find them dressing up in dresses, heels, and many other female accessories.

The actors from The Twelfth Night


We then drove back to the main downtown in Portland to go to Powell’s. Powell’s is a bookstore that has 2-3 floors packed full of books, books, and more books. Since Powell’s is a big place, From the classics of Shakespeare to the books written by recent Youtubers, Powell’s is a great place to go for book worms. I think that the new books are a little expensive, so it is best to buy the available used books.

Journey will continue through next post!


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