BPA-“a Big Problem for America” (and the rest of the world)


According to research, the number of children with defective tooth enamel has risen greatly. And guess what..BPA in plastics are yet possibly to put to blame. Again.

Enamel is the thin outer covering of your tooth. It helps protect your teeth from chewing, biting, grinding and more. Without proper enamel, a child can develop teeth problems like cavities.


That’s a picture of me from camp by the way!

The big problem with BPA is that it affects younger children who are still developing their teeth. It is then possible for those children to pass on the genes of defecting tooth enamel.

This enamel defect affects different numbers of children in different parts of the world. In some under-developed places, as many as 40 percent of children are estimated to have this weakened enamel. However, where it’s been studied well, about 18 percent of children are affected.


BPA imitates necessary hormones in body

2 important hormones in a human body’s endocrine system, estrogen (female sex hormone) and androgen (male sex hormone), help make tooth enamel.

Scientists have discovered the 2 pollutants that can defect tooth enamel. Both of these pollutants were androgen disruptors.

One of the pollutants is vinclozolin, a fungi-killing chemical. However, this pollutant only mainly affects farmers, so many people don’t come near it.

The other pollutant is BPA, which affects estrogen and testosterone. BPA is used in many products from kitchen appliances to plastic covers to dental care. Over 16,000 different food and drink products use BPA in their packaging.


There are many health issues that BPA is affecting, and teeth is definitely one of them. Although it is “not yet possible to know for sure if BPA is responsible for weakened tooth enamel and resulting cavities, scientists say that there is enough evidence to make further research important.” (Science News, 2016).


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