Eating fruit during pregnancy could lead to smarter babies

Eating fruit and vegetables regularly has many great health benefits such as reduction of heart disease or Alzheimer’s. New research suggests that a healthier diet might have benefited us earlier than we thought.


Developmentalists in Canada recently found that women who eat fruit during their pregnancy have a better chance of having children with a higher IQ than those who do not, or eat very little fruit.

The developmentalists used data from about 700 children who were tested in the Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development Study. They discovered that women who ate 6 or 7 servings of fruit/juice a day had children (age one) who scored 6~7 points higher on the traditional IQ scale than expected.

However, while the results are exciting, the developmentalists state that it is vital for women to be careful and still limit their consumption of fruits. Fruits have natural sugars-and a diet of too many fruits can lead to high birth weight and diabetes.

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