US bans antibacterial soaps


In the beginning of September, US banned antibacterial soaps.The FDA has banned 19 ingredients in these soaps.

So why did the FDA ban these soaps?

“Antibacterial” suggests that these soaps can stop the spread of germs. However, there is no evidence that these soaps are no different than just soap and water. A few years ago, the FDA asked soap makers to talk about the efficiency of their soap.

The (bad) chemicals in soap

The chemical that holds the most concern is triclosan. A report from Science News noted that triclosan had risks of the chemical showing up in, “blood,urine,breast milk, umbilical cords and snot”. Researchers found that triclosan laced snot lets in a type of bacteria that is a potential cause of pneumonia.

When the triclosan washes down the drain, it can spread throughout the city into water treatment plants. Studies have shown that the triclosan can kill off the benign microbes in water.

The FDA is currently studying hand sanitizer, as a different case. They recommend using hand sanitizers that are less than 60% alcohol.

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4 thoughts on “US bans antibacterial soaps

  1. I’ve never heard of Triclosan since I read your blog.They say it isn’t harmful for our health and is used in the surgical units,but can cause harm to the environment when it is used a lot.I’m afraid of the environmental problem and some health effcects.Do you know if we can buy any soaps,shampoos,deodrants,toothpastes,mouth washes and pesticides without Triclosan in Ochobo Inari?

    1. The difference between Japan and America is the おしぼり they give before meals. So, I think that Ochobo Inari is safe. However, I am not sure of the more populated cities like Tokyo where they probably use triclosan products more often. Still, Japan is one of the top 5 ranking countries in clean environments. America…..not on the list.

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