Plastic Microbeads- bad for environment

Even though they are small, microbeads are causing a huge problem for the environment and our health. These tiny, toxic beads of plastic are in many of our certified healthcare products, and are washed down the drain minute by minute. From the drain, these beads are eaten by marine life and they eventually end up back on our plates.

What are microbeads made of?

The materials that microbeads are made of varies but the one that is most used in health products is polyethylene.


What products contain microbeads?

Many exfoliating scrubs, body washes, and even toothpastes contain these microbeads. Some makeup brands even disguise these microbeads in “age-defying” makeup, which means that it is filling wrinkles with plastic! Yuck! I was actually using an exfoliating scrub for acne by Clean & Clear with these microbeads. I won’t use them anymore!

A microbead found in someone’s tooth (from toothpaste)
Product that I was using. 


Obama had signed a ban last year to eradicate microbeads. Be sure to check if your health products include these plastic microbeads.


4 thoughts on “Plastic Microbeads- bad for environment

  1. In Japan, one of the many environmental problems has been the plastic bags made of polyethylene. Now I usually bring “My Bag” when I go shopping. I didn’t know Plastic Microbeads are bad for the environment and our health. We will check the healthcare products and use one without them!

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