Tampons can be sabotaging your health

What are tampons actually made of? There isn’t much research around this subject-and congress refuses to act.

Manufacturers of feminine hygiene products aren’t required to state the chemicals they use. While there isn’t much research on this yet, tampons may include toxins that can affect women’s reproductive and development system, hormones, and even cause cancer.

One major concern is the amount of dioxins in the process of creating rayon, a fiber in tampons.  Researchers found that these dioxins only appear a trace amount on each tampon, but considering that the average woman uses 10,000 tampons in her lifetime, that’s a lot of chemicals entering the body. Tampons are regularly in contact with the reproductive parts of a female’s body, which is known to be very absorbent. The chemicals entering can travel through the bloodstream, disturbing the regular flow of blood.


These dioxins have also been found in baby diapers.



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