Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Event

This Tuesday, I went to a Virtual/Augmented Reality event at SRI International Headquarters. The event was hosted by VLABS.

The first hour included a presentation of 7 different virtual/augmented reality companies such as a small 3D consumer camera and smart glasses that allow business to see much more about their products.

The second hour included a panel discussion with panelists:

  • Dr. Yue Fei, Founder and CTOuSens
  • Alberto Torres, CEOAtheer
  • Eric Johnsen, Business Development, Augmented Reality & Tango, Google
  • Ebbe Altberg, CEO, Linden Lab / Project Sansar
  • Bilal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital

The topics that the panelists covered were very interesting. One main point was the fact that augmented and virtual reality are 2 very different things.

Augmented Reality: live view of a real-world environment (like Pokemon Go)


Virtual Reality: computer technologies that use software to generate images


I really enjoyed the event and learning about new things/products in virtual/augmented reality. I believe that augmented reality will change the world that we have today. Between virtual and augmented, I think that augmented reality will be more accessible to the rest of the world and better for the future to use.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Event

  1. I expect augmented/virtual reality will be applied to medical area.Could you tell us the new things/products in augmented/virtual reality during the New Year holidays?

  2. Virtual reality has a major event each year in France. You can share new technologies between professionnals thanks to many conferences, or as a private just to discover what is coming next in many domains.

    The origin of this event is coming from an engineer school in the city of Laval (near Bretagne in the West of France), it was a task included in the learning course for a group of students to create a project around new technologies 20 years ago, now it is the main event in this category. San Francisco is trying to do the same, one of the founder of Laval Virtual is workgin in the Silicon Valley now, good luck 😉

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